Item #021097 TYPED LETTER SIGNED (TLS) Expressing Desire to be a Private Citizen. Franklin Delano ROOSEVELT.

TYPED LETTER SIGNED (TLS) Expressing Desire to be a Private Citizen

Warm Springs, GA: 30 November 1928. Letter. An interesting one-page letter on personal stationery to Mary O'Connor Eben of the Democratic National Committee. In full: "Dear Mary O'Connor:-- Many thanks for your mighty nice Thanksgiving greetings. All goes well here and the Tully child is behaving as well as possible, in view of the steady stream of newspaper boys who drop in here and forget the purpose of their visit as soon as they see her. We all leave, I think, on December ninth, and hope to see you when I get back. It must seem very queer to you to be a private citizen once more. I wish I were in your place. Always sincerely," and SIGNED "Franklin D. Roosevelt." Grace Tully started working for the Democratic National Committee in 1928, assigned to assist Eleanor Roosevelt who was organizing support for presidential nominee Al Smith. Later that year, when FDR was nominated for Governor of New York, Tully went to work on his staff. After Roosevelt's successful election, Tully served as the assistant to Missy LeHand, who was Roosevelt's personal secretary in Roosevelt's Albany office, and served with FDR for his four years as governor. Both she and Missy LeHand served FDR in the White House. She took over as personal secretary to the President when LeHand suffered a stroke in 1941 and was present at his death in Warm Springs in 1945. Creasing and wrinkling. Very Good with a Fine signature. Item #021097

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