Item #020961 AUTOGRAPH LETTER SIGNED (ALS) to William Winters. John BURROUGHS.


West Park, NY: 15 November [1915]. Letter. A two-page handwritten letter to drama critic and author William Winters on one side of two sheets of 5-1/2" x 8-1/4" "Riverby" stationery, SIGNED in full by Burroughs at the conclusion. In full: "I have had one letter from you during my long life, but you have had none from me. So I am writing you a line to tell you how much I enjoyed those days with you at the Rowlands. Like all good fruit-- you have grown sweeter as you have grown riper, & I am sure that, unlike some fruit-- you will always be sound at heart. I regret that we did not meet earlier in our lives. Much of your literary output is outside of the field of my interests, which is a narrow one, but I know your English books well & have enjoyed them. It was a delight to hear you recall the old 'Saturday Press' days & the generation of writers to which we both belong. When men reach our age they begin to enjoy the leisure of the spirit & the fret & fever of the world passes them by, I trust that a long serene old age may be the fortune of both of us, & that we may meet again under a happy skies as we did before." With the envelope addressed by Burroughs and annotated by Winters. Creases from mailing; slight fading of ink at the end. Near Fine. Item #020961

Price: $600.00