Item #020959 AUTOGRAPH LETTER SIGNED (ALS) to Thomas Bailey Aldrich. Mark TWAIN, Samuel CLEMENS.

AUTOGRAPH LETTER SIGNED (ALS) to Thomas Bailey Aldrich

Hartford. Letter. A fine two-page handwritten letter on one side of two 5-1/2" x 8-3/4" sheets of paper SIGNED "Mark" to author Thomas Bailey Aldrich letting him know that he must cancel their plans for a visit by Aldrich and his wife to them due to Mrs. Clemens's health, going into detail about doctors and the health of his wife with a promise to reschedule. In part: "We are both grieved with this verdict, yet it was to be expected, for Mrs. Clemens's pulse ranged from 130 to 150 during one night & a part of two days, & consequently the consumption of her forces (considering the poverty of the stock in the first place), was necessarily very great.... This morning she developed a virulent quinsy --an odd thing to be glad about, & yet the gang of us were never gladder in our lives than when the physician delivered this news, for we had been feeling dead certain that the diptheria was back again & disaster hanging over us.... Being night-nurse, I must cut short & go on duty, now." Olivia Langdon Clemens suffered numerous bouts of illness in her life, making this hard to date exactly. The Clemens family lived in Hartford from 1871 to 1891. Near Fine. Item #020959

Price: $5,000.00