Lincoln, NE: 17 December 1921. Letter. A charming two-page letter on two sheets of The Lincoln hotel stationery (5-1/2" x 9-1/4") addressed to "Bebe" and SIGNED in pencil by Keller. In part: "The other day, when we were walking along the main street of Lincoln, Nebraska, on our way to the big red brick hotel, I nearly fell over this Dachshund, which was trotting out of an alley between two shops. Of course I begged the wee fellow's pardon, and he wagged his tail in such a friendly way, I knew it was all right." The owner, a young man, then appeared and said the dog was homeless. "Of course I thought of you, Bebe ... 'the dearest little girl in the world who will be good to Bevs' ... I think, though, Nebs is a good name, as he comes from Nebraska.... From all I could learn from the nice young man, Nebs is very well behaved.... But you know one can't believe every word one hears from strangers on the street. I thought I'd take a chance and buy Nebs for you. It is always good-natured to believe the best of men and dogs until they have proved themselves untrustworthy." We are not sure who the little girl, Bebe, is, and oddly enough, Keller had a dog with the same name as the girl. Keller never used any of her dogs as service dogs, but in an interview that came later in life, Keller said, "Nobody, who is not blind, as much as they may love their pet, can know what a dog's love really means. Dogs have travelled all over the world with me. They have always been my companions. A dog has never failed me." Paper rather fragile and a little darkened but overall Very Good. Item #020534

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