n.p. n.d. Letter. A 1-1/2-page AUTOGRAPH LETTER SIGNED "J Ruskin" on both sides of a 4-1/2" x 7" sheet of plain paper addressed to Henry Watson, his father's longtime clerk of confidence. In full: "Many thanks for the extract. I am sure the description of the scene is true, and it must have been very lovely, but there is no need to go to Siberia to see pretty things, and it is hard upon me to be called upon by the author to 'acknowledge' what I have been asserting as lovely as I could these twenty years -- namely that nature outTurners Turner -- But I'm glad that people begin to think of Turner and me in fine scenery." With the original envelope addressed in Ruskin's hand. Creasing from mailing. About Fine. Item #020028

"In above describing my father's counting house, I said the door was opened by a latch pulled by the head clerk. This head clerk, or, putting it more modestly, topmost of two clerks, Henry Watson, was a person of much import in my father's life and mine; import which, I perceive, looking back, to have been as in many respects tender and fortunate, yet in others extremely doleful, both to us and himself" (RUSKIN, John. PRAETERITA, Chapter X, pages 170-71; from THE WORKS OF JOHN RUSKIN, Volume 35).

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