[New York]: 3 March 1979. Letter. A rather bitchy 1-1/2 page letter to a Mr. Kirk, apparently the manager or owner of the Manhattan Plaza where Williams had an apartment, SIGNED in full. Williams begins: "I hope you will take this as well and seriously as as [sic] it's intended. I'm very pleased with my apartment at the Manhattan-Plaza: however the real reason I took it was because I wanted to stay in a place that had a pool. You do, indeed, have a very lovel7 [sic] pool here. But here is a dismaying matter to be reported. In the shower THERE IS NO SOAP!" Williams describes an eye infection he thinks he received due to the lack of soap and compares the pool to YMCA pools where he never contracted an eye infection. "I'm sure you want to solve this very serious problem and I want to discuss it with you before I go back to Key West. I notice that practically all swimmers in the pool here wear eye-goggles, but these are no real protection, a little water gets through, and if the swimmers have not had showers with soap, they get or risk eye infections which may be quite serious." Williams has written the date and his apartment number at the top of the letter. Folds from mailing, otherwise Fine with an attractive signature. Item #018896

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